TiAlN Features

TiAlN – Titanium Aluminum Nitride is purple/black in color. TiAlN is a hard coating with thermal and oxidation resistance. An ideal coating for high speed and high temperature applications. The coatings have high toughness and stability, with improved ductility compared with that of TiN coatings. For turning, TiAlN provide superior edge strength and wear properties, TiAlN coated inserts can run up to 100%faster than uncoated grades and up to 40% faster than PVD TiN coated grades. For milling applications, TiAlN coated inserts can machine up to 50% higher speed than uncoated grades.


carbide inserts and tooling. Injection moulding tools.drilling, tapping. Non continuous cutting applications dies.


High-speed machining, high temperature machining, dry machining, machining abrasive materials, stainless steels, aluminum alloys.

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