FAQs (PVD Coating - Questions and Answers)

  1. What PVD stands for ?
    Physical Vapor Deposition.
  2. How long is the PVD history ?
    t has been formally recognized and widely used since 1985.
  3. What is the difference between PVD and CVD ?  
    CVD is chemical vapor deposition. It is used only for carbide tools coated with a greater thickness for operation at higher temperature. In comparison, PVD can coat a high quality thin film along at various temperature.
  4. What industries can PVD best used for?  
    All kinds of hardware tools, cutting tools and moulds.
  5. How thick is the coating by PVD ?
    An average of 2.5-5.0 micron is standard. (25 microns = 0.001 inch, 1 micron = 1/1000cm, human hair = 50-100 microns)  
  6. What is your turn around time ?
    Normally 3 working days. Express request is acceptable depending on the tool and coating type.
  7. Do you have a minimum order charge ?
  8. What is the smallest and biggest tools you can coat ?  
    As small as you can make.
    Our maximum size is 30 inches in diameter.
  9. Can I recoat ?
    Yes, but increased film stress due to thickness that may cause some failures on coated areas.
  10. How do you price your coating ?  
    Based on the coating type, quantity and part size.
  11. What kinds of tools are best for coating :  
    Turning, profiling, grooving, threading, drilling, tapping, reaming, broaching, milling, hobbing. 
  12. What kinds of materials can be coated:  
    Carbon, alloy steels, cast irons, stainless steels, superalloys, carbide etc. PVD coating are applied at around 800F.

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